Twilight Barbies

If you've always dreamed of owning a Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, or Jacob Black Barbie Doll then you are in luck! Alongside the release of the Twilight movie New Moon, you are now able to purchase your very own Twilight Barbie Doll of Bella, Edward or Jacob (or get them all for the matching set).

Find out more about the Twilight Barbie Doll's by choosing Bella, Jacob, Edward, Victoria or others below.

Twilight Barbie Dolls

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About the Twilight Dolls

mattel twilight barbiesMattel made the announcement last year and since then fans have been stocking their doll cabinets with their favorite Twilight characters in doll form.

They also make great gift ideas for Twilight fans (especially if you are wishing for them this Christmas!)

It makes sense that Mattel would release their Twilight Barbies in time for release of New Moon (and the start of the 2009 Christmas selling season) considering how hot the Twilight movies and merchandise is right now.

The Twilight Barbie toys are based on the characters of the #1 New York Times best selling book series and feature film Twilight, and Twilight New Moon.



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Can you see the resemblance? Mattel's Twilight Barbies will pay tribute to one of America's favorite couples right now - Edward & Bella from the Twilight books and movies. They will be selling for approximately $24.95 from Walmart, Barbie Dealers, Amazon and other sites.



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